Name of this element: Neon                                                                   The creater of this page: Veronica Rarn                               

What you need to know about Neon

Element Symbol:  Ne

Atomic Number:  10

Atomic Mass:  20

Number of protons:  10

Number of neutrons:  10

Number of electrons:  10

Number of Energy Shells:  2

Family/Group:  Noble Gases

Period Number: 10

Neon Bohr Model

Things that you didn't know about NEON:
-A guy named Sir William Ramsey discovered the element, Neon.
-The name Neon, came from the origin word in greek, meaning "new."
The element Neon is found in the atmosphere.


-Neon is found in bright                      -Neon is also found in the
lioght that you usually see                light of a laser.
on signs and advertisment.