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Language and Culture Bulletins

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Language and Culture Bulletins (in PDF format) (download PDF Reader)

Volume 1
Vol. 1, Issue 1: Who Are the Language Minorities
Vol. 1, Issue 3: Educational Experiences and Other Factors Affecting Mainstreamed ELL Learners
Vol. 1, Issue 4: Attitudes and Motivations of Foreign-born Language Minority Learners
Vol. 1, Issue 5: Attitudes and Motivations of U.S.-born Language Minority Learners
Vol. 1, Issue 6: Promoting a Culture of Success for Language Minority Learners in School

Volume 2
Vol. 2, Issue 1: Conversational and Academic Language Use in the Classroom
Vol. 2, Issue 2: The Crucial Role of Cognitive Demand and Context in Learning
Vol. 2, Issue 3: Problematic English Structures in Academic Learning
Vol. 2, Issue 4: Theme-based Instruction for English Language Learners
Vol. 2, Issue 5: Teaching Content to English Language Learners
Vol. 2, Issue 6: Lesson Modifications to Accommodate for English Language Barriers
Vol. 2, Issue 7: The Relationship Between Culture and Learning Style
Vol. 2, Issue 8: Teaching Learning Strategies to Promote Academic Success
Vol. 2, Issue 9: Designing Tasks to Promote Critical Thinking
Vol. 2, Issue 10: Posing Questions to Promote Critical Thinking

Volume 3: The 12 Cs for School Success
Vol. 3, Issue 1: Language and Culture
Vol. 3, Issue 2: The 12 Cs for School Success: What is Communication Competence?
Vol. 3, Issue 3: The 12 Cs for School Success: The Role of Context in Learning
Vol. 3, Issue 4: The 12 Cs for School Success: Developing Language through Content
Vol. 3, Issue 5: The 12 Cs for School Success: Fostering Comprehensible Use of Language
Vol. 3, Issue 6: The 12 Cs for School Success: Clarifying Deliver, Oral and Written Feedback
Vol. 3, Issue 7: The 12 Cs for School Success: Guiding Principles in a Constructivist Classroom
Vol. 3, Issue 8: The 12 Cs for School Success: Learning through Collaboration
Vol. 3, Issue 9: The 12 Cs for School Success: Using Complex Language
Vol. 3, Issue 10: The 12 Cs for School Success: Fostering Independent Learning
Vol. 3, Issue 11: The 12 Cs for School Success: Lowering Anxiety through Congenial Learning
Vol. 3, Issue 12: The 12 Cs for School Success: Developing Community
Vol. 3, Issue 13: The 12 Cs for School Success: Recap of the 12 Cs

Volume 4
Vol. 4, Issue 1: Factors Influencing Reading English as a Second Language
Vol. 4, Issue 2: Predictors of Literacy Success for Language Minority Students
Vol. 4, Issue 3: Constructing Meaning in Reading
Vol. 4, Issue 4: Barriers to Activating Knowledge in Reading
Vol. 4, Issue 5: Critical Strategies for Comprehending Texts
Vol. 4, Issue 6: Cultural Citations in Reading
Vol. 4, Issue 7: Improving Content Reading with a Focus on Vocabulary
Vol. 4, Issue 8: Strategies and Questions for Self-directed Content Reading

Volume 5: Issues in Diversity Education
Vol. 5, Issue 1: Using Comprehensible Language in the Classroom
Vol. 5, Issue 2: Misconceptions about Language and Culture
Vol. 5, Issue 3: Factors to Consider in Teaching Concept Development
Vol. 5, Issue 4: Challenges to Academic Success
Vol. 5, Issue 5: Cross-cultural Competence
Vol. 5, Issue 6: Elements of Acculturation
Vol. 5, Issue 7: Cultural Assumptions and Their Effect on Learning
Vol. 5, Issue 8: Mismatches in Intent between Teacher and Students

Volume 6: Practical Aspects of Classroom Instruction
Vol. 6, Issue 1: Scaffolding: Key to Higher Learning Standards
Vol. 6, Issue 2: Helping Language Minority Learners Expand Oral Fluency
Vol. 6, Issue 3: Increasing Academic Fluency
Vol. 6, Issue 4: Monitoring Personal Oral Language Delivery
Vol. 6, Issue 5: Why Is English Difficult
Vol. 6, Issue 6: Engagement in Learning with Instructional Conversations
Vol. 6, Issue 7: Understanding the Form and Meaning of Words
Vol. 6, Issue 8: Vocabulary Learning Strategies

Volume 7: Working with Mainstreamed Students
Vol. 7, Issue 1: Profile of the Mainstreamed Language Minority Student
Vol. 7, Issue 2: Examining Our Assumptions in Delivering Instructions
Vol. 7, Issue 3: Ten Techniques for Comprehending Texts
Vol. 7, Issue 4: Vocabulary and Usage Activities in the Content Classroom
Vol. 7, Issue 5: Scaffolding
Vol. 7, Issue 6: The Language of Math, Science and Social Studies
Vol. 7, Issue 7: Vocabulary Activities for Learning Content
Vol. 7, Issue 8: Helping Learners Achieve Academic Competence
Vol. 7, Issue 9: Background Information for Teaching Mainstreamed Learners

Volume 8: Differentiation
Vol. 8, Issue 1: The Basics of Differentiation for English Language Learners
Vol. 8, Issue 2: Adjusting Language Complexity in English
Vol. 8, Issue 3: Calibrating Cognitive Demand with Language Use in Content
Vol. 8, Issue 5: Adapting Content Language to Different Learning Styles
Vol. 8, Issue 6: Activities for Distinguishing How Words Are Used
Vol. 8, Issue 7: Innovative Use of Dictations to Access Content Language
Vol. 8, Issue 8: Question Posing

Volume 9: The Year of Languages
Vol. 9, Issue 1: Issues in Writing for English Language Learners
Vol. 9, Issue 2: Using Content Texts for Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 3: Guided Talks for Improving Content Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 4: Error Correction in Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 5: Responding to ELL Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 6: Effective Peer Review of Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 7: Sentence Starters for Academic Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 8: Aspects of Nouns and Verbs for Academic Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 9: Using Corpora Research to Help in Academic Writing
Vol. 9, Issue 10: Expository Writing Activities

Volume 10: Sociocultural Issues
Vol. 10, Issue 1: The Complexities of Learning for Language Minorities
Vol. 10, Issue 2: The Effect of Early vs. Late Immigration in Schooling
Vol. 10, Issue 3: The Unique and Complex Profile of Hispanic Learners
Vol. 10, Issue 4: The Varied World of ELLs with Arabic Language Background
Vol. 10, Issue 5: Characteristics of Somali Culture and Their Impact on Learning
Vol. 10, Issue 6: U.S.-born Cambodian Learners' Struggle for Cultural Identity
Vol. 10, Issue 7: The Role of Explicit Teaching with Sudanese Learners
Vol. 10, Issue 8: Unwrapping Culture and Language for ELLs in the Mainstream

Volume 11: Assisting ELLs in the Classroom
Vol. 11, Issue 5: Active Listening to Develop Academic Language Proficiency
Vol. 11, Issue 6: Integrating Language Use for Content Learning

Volume 12: Teaching Writing to English Language Learners: Best Practices
Vol. 12, Issue 1: The Landscape of Academic Writing
Vol. 12, Issue 2: Strategic Writing with Performance Indicators


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