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Book: B

Section: Board Governance and Operations


Code: BDB-R

Status: Active

Adopted: October 22, 2013

At the first meeting after the regular municipal election, or as soon thereafter as possible, the Board shall conduct a caucus to elect the Chair from among its members. The caucus shall be the first order of business.


The current Chair presides over the caucus or, in his or her absence, the Superintendent will preside.


Nomination and caucus procedures shall be as follows:


1. Nominations. The current Chair shall open the caucus by asking Board members to offer nominations for the new Chair. Board members may nominate themselves or be nominated by other Board members. No second is required. After receiving all nominations, the current Chair closes nominations.


2. Statement. Any board member nominated may make an oral statement to the Board, not to exceed five minutes; for the purpose of articulating his/her interest in serving, describing leadership goals for the year ahead, and outlining his/her qualifications. The current Chair shall use a random process to determine the order of statements.


3. Voting. To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of affirmative votes from the board members voting in the caucus (i.e., newly elected and continuing members). All members in attendance are expected to vote. Voting shall be done by voice vote with each Board member naming the individual for whom they intend to vote at the Inauguration. In the case where there are more than two candidates running and none receive a majority of affirmative votes, the vote is immediately conducted again with only the two candidates receiving the highest vote counts eligible. The vote is retaken, and the candidate receiving a majority of affirmative votes will be put forward for a vote at the Inauguration for approval as the Chair. In the unlikely event of a tie between two or more candidates, the vote is retaken. A brief recess may be provided between votes, and the candidates may make oral statements, not to exceed five minutes. If after three voting attempts the candidates remain tied, the voting process may be suspended until the next meeting of the Board, at which time the process described herein will be repeated.


The final vote to elect the Chair shall occur on the first Monday in December following the regular municipal election, or as soon thereafter as possible. Immediately following the election of the Chair, the Chair shall assume office and preside over the remainder of the meeting.


The Chair shall be elected annually.


BDB-R - Selection of Chair.pdf.pdf (53 KB)


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