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EBAA - Chemical Hazards

Book: E

Section: Support Services

Title: Chemical Hazards

Code: EBAA

Status: Active

Adopted: May 29, 1991

Last Revised: April 26, 2006




The Portland Public Schools shall comply with all applicable Maine and federal laws and regulations concerning chemical hazards.  The Superintendent is responsible for developing and implementing a hazard communication program, training programs and any other procedures necessary to ensure that the school unit is in compliance with this policy and applicable laws/regulations.


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)


  1. The school unit will obtain MSDS for all hazardous chemicals utilized in the school unit.  Copies of the MSDS will be available for inspection during regular business hours in each building where the chemicals are used.
  2. MSDS will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.
  3. MSDS for new products put into use in the school unit will be reviewed and employees who may be exposed to the product shall receive appropriate training as necessary.

Employee Training and Information Program


  1. All employees who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals shall be given a list of hazardous chemicals utilized in the school unit and a copy of this policy.
  2. All employees whose work involves hazardous chemicals are required to attend a training program before commencing work.  Training will also be provided whenever a new chemical the employees have not been trained on is introduced into their work area.  Employee attendance at each required training program must be documented.
  3. The school unit’s training program shall be conducted in compliance with applicable laws/regulations and include the following elements at a minimum:
    1. An explanation of applicable laws and/or regulations;
    2. Identification of work/storage areas where hazardous chemicals are present
    3. Description of methods for detecting the presence or release of hazardous chemicals in work/storage areas;
    4. Explanation of potential health problems associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace;
    5. Explanation of how to read a MSDS, product labels and other documents related to hazardous chemicals and where in the facility the MSDS may be found;
    6. Explanation of methods to protect employees from hazardous chemicals, including the purpose, proper use and limitations of personal protective equipment; and
    7. Explanation of emergency procedures.

Product Labeling and Disposal


            All regulated chemicals and products shall be labeled as required by law/ regulations.  Containers that are not properly labeled shall not be allowed in the school unit.


            The school unit shall dispose of hazardous chemicals properly.  When required by law/regulations, hazardous chemicals shall be disposed of through an agency licensed by the State.  When it is necessary to store hazardous chemicals prior to removal from school property, storage shall be in an approved tank or building.


Outside Contractors


            The school unit shall inform all outside contractors of hazardous chemicals they could be exposed to in the course of their work, along with appropriate protective measures.  The school unit shall also request outside contractors to provide notification about their use of hazardous chemicals.


 Annual Review


            This policy shall be reviewed by the Superintendent/designee on an annual basis.



Legal Reference:         29 C.F.R. § 1910.1200

                                 26 M.R.S.A. § 565

                                 Code of Me. Reg. Ch. 2 § 12-179


Cross Reference: EBCA – Crisis Response Plan


Adopted:         May 29, 1991

Revised:          August 26, 1992; April 26, 2006 (renamed)




Rule Chapters for the Dept of Labor


US Dept of Labor Comparison of Hazard Communication Requirements


Cross References

EBCA - Crisis Response Plan

EBAA - Chemical Hazards.pdf (16 KB)