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EEBB-R - Administrative Procedures Concerning Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

Book: E

Section: Support Services

Title: Administrative Procedures Concerning Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

Code: EEBB-R

Status: Active

Adopted: November 16, 2021





  1. Conditions for Use of Private Vehicles for Any School Business


  1. All requests for the use of the private vehicles of employees/volunteers (including parents who volunteer to transport children other than their own for school/extracurricular purposes) must receive authorization in advance from the Superintendent/designee. Approval may be in the form of a standing permit for employees/volunteers who are authorized to use their private vehicle regularly for school business. The authorization/permit will include the scope of the authorization (specific purposes for the authorization and whether or not transportation of students is included) and must be reauthorized at least annually.


    1. Drivers with standing permits are required to notify the Superintendent/designee if there is a change in circumstances that may impact their permit (including but not limited to, driver’s license revocation; loss of insurance; OUI charge; etc.).


  1. A prospective driver must complete the Portland Public Schools Driver Information Form, which will be assessed in conjunction with the request to use a private vehicle for school business.


  1. The driver must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and inspection sticker for the vehicle, and provide current documentation.


  1. The driver must carry minimum liability insurance of $100,000/$300,000; minimum property damage of $50,000; and minimum medical coverage of $5,000. A copy of the current policy declaration page must be provided.


  1. Portland Public Schools shall conduct criminal and driving record checks on all prospective drivers (including for states other than Maine if the driver has lived outside of Maine).


  1. All vehicle occupants are required to wear seatbelts and obey all traffic laws while driving on school business. Any traffic or parking citations incurred while driving on school business are the driver’s responsibility.


  1. Hands-free devices may be used only for necessary calls, checking directions, etc. The use of hand-held devices is prohibited while driving. If a hand-held device must be used, the driver must pull over and stop in a safe location.


  1. In general, drivers are advised to use the safest and most direct route to any destination.


  1. All Board policies and Portland Public Schools administrative procedures are in effect when private vehicles are used for school business.
  1. Drivers are required to notify the Superintendent/designee if they have an accident while driving on school business.


  1. Drivers shall be informed that in the event of an accident their insurance shall be the primary coverage.


  1. Portland Public Schools retains the authority to deny authorization to use private vehicles for school business and/or to request additional documentation.


  1. Additional Conditions for Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students


  1. School buses/contracted bus services or other Portland Public Schools vehicles shall be used to transport students whenever possible. When available, students are required to use

school-provided transportation unless a specific exception is made to this requirement by the Superintendent/designee.


  1. Parents/legal guardians must provide permission in advance for their child/ren to be transported in private vehicles, except in the case of a bona fide emergency (such as a medical emergency).


  1. Medical or other pertinent information about students will be shared as necessary with drivers if there is a medical or other reason they need to be aware of for safety reasons while transporting students. Employees/volunteers are required to maintain the confidentiality of any such information they receive.


  1. No smoking is permitted in a private vehicle transporting students.


  1. Students may not be authorized to transport other students on school business.


  1. Portland Public Schools is not liable for any accident or injury when a parent is transporting their own child/ren for school business.


  1. Retention of Records


  1. In general, records generated in the implementation of this procedure shall be maintained for six years after the last authorization to drive on school business has expired.


  1. Documentation relevant to any accident/injury incurred during the use of private vehicles for school business (including documentation related to authorization to drive a private vehicle involved in the accident/injury) shall be maintained for six years following the incident or two years after all individuals involved in the accident reach the age of majority, whichever is longer.


EEBB-R - Use of Private Vehicles for School Business.pdf (215 KB)