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IJJ-R2 - Procedures for Dealing with Challenged Materials

Book: I

Section: Instruction

Title: Procedures for Dealing with Challenged Materials

Code: IJJ-R2

Status: Active

Last Revised: October 6, 2020



Inspection of Materials by Parents/Guardians and Opt-Out Requests

A student’s parent/guardian may inspect, upon request, any instructional or library-media materials used as part of the curriculum. Such requests shall be made to the appropriate teacher or the library-media specialist. Access to the materials shall be provided within a reasonable time after such a request is made. The Superintendent may develop any administrative procedures necessary to implement this policy.

If a parent/guardian wishes to restrict their child’s access to particular instructional materials, the procedure in the Portland Board of Public Education (“Board”) policy IMBB shall be followed.

Information about Inspection of Materials and Opt-Out Requests shall be made available in all school handbooks.


Any resident or employee of the school district may formally challenge instructional and library-media materials used in the district’s educational program on the basis of appropriateness. This procedure is designed to consider the opinions of those persons in the schools and members within the school district who are not directly involved in the selection process.


The school receiving a complaint regarding instructional and library-media material shall try to resolve the issue informally.

A. The principal or other appropriate staff shall explain to the questioner the school’s selection procedure, criteria, and qualifications of those persons selecting the material.

B. The principal or other appropriate staff shall explain the particular place the challenged material occupies in the education program, its intended educational usefulness, and additional information regarding its use, or refer the party to someone who can identify and explain the use of the material.

C. If the questioner wishes to file a formal challenge, a copy of the district’s Selection of Instructional and Library-Media Materials policy shall be handed or mailed by the Superintendent or designee to the party concerned.



  1. Preliminary Procedures

1. The Superintendent or designee will keep on hand and make

available Request for Reconsideration of Instructional and Library-Media Materials forms. All formal objections to instructional and library-media materials must be made on these forms.

2. The Request for Reconsideration of Instructional and Library-Media

Materials form shall be signed by the questioner and filed with the principal or the Superintendent or designee.

3. The Superintendent or designee shall be informed of the formal complaint received.


If printed materials give: If other materials indicate: Author ___________________________


Title _____________________________ Type of Resource ____________

Format (i.e., hardcover, paperback, etc.) Format _________________________________________________________

Your Name _____________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________ Telephone _________ City

____________________________ School ________________Grade ____

  • I have read/viewed the material to which I object in full.
  • I have read the Collection Development Policy for Portland Public Schools.



1. To what instructional and library-media material do you object? (Please be as specific as possible)



2. What is your objection to this material?

3. What do you believe might be the result of having this material in our schools/library?)

4. What action would you recommend in regards to this material?

Date ________________ Signature of Complainant________________________



IJJ - R2 - Procedures for Dealing with Challenged Materials.pdf (143 KB)


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