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IKF - Graduation Requirements

Book: I

Section: Instruction

Title: Graduation Requirements

Code: IKF

Status: Active

Adopted: June 24, 2014

Last Revised: June 15, 2021

Prior Revised Dates: June 15, 2015; Feb 28, 2017; May, 2019



In accordance with Portland Public Schools’ proficiency-based system of learning, the awarding of a diploma from Portland Public Schools will be contingent on the demonstration of proficiency through successful completion of coursework and approved educational experiences in the content areas identified in Maine’s Learning Results Standards and meeting the standards of the Guiding Principles of the Learning Results. Graduating students must also fulfill any other requirements specified in this policy.


The Superintendent, through the high school principal or other designee, shall be responsible for making accurate information concerning diploma requirements available to incoming students and their parents/guardians at the start of their ninth grade school year. This policy will be included in every edition of the high school student handbook.


The Superintendent, through the high school principal or other designee, shall provide regular updates on progress toward graduation to students and their parents/guardians.


The Portland Board of Public Education (“Board”) expects the Superintendent/designee to inform students and parents/guardians as soon as practicable of any additional state-imposed standards that must be met before students may be awarded a high school diploma.


Students must meet the following requirements in order to be awarded a high school diploma.


  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the Maine Learning Results by accruing at least 21 Units of Proficiency (UPs, as described as credit in Infinite Campus) by passing all Portland Public Schools standards taught in a course or approved extended learning opportunity.


English Language Arts – 4 Units of Proficiency

Social Studies and History – 3 Units of Proficiency

Mathematics – 3 Units of Proficiency

Science and Technology – 3 Units of Proficiency

Fine Arts – 1 Unit of Proficiency

Physical Education – 1 Unit of Proficiency
Health – 1 Unit of Proficiency


The remaining 5 Units of Proficiency may be selected by the student on the basis of their interests, abilities and plans following graduation.


Portland Public Schools encourages students to explore a broad range of learning experiences, including extended learning opportunities that take place outside of the school building and/or school day. To pursue an extended learning opportunity, a student must present a detailed plan, including how the experience helps the student meet the district’s graduation standards. Each extended learning opportunity must provide a quality learning experience comparable in rigor to other learning experiences offered by Portland Public Schools. Extended learning opportunities must be approved by the high school principal/designee.


Educational experiences offer all students multiple ways to achieve and demonstrate proficiency in the district’s graduation standards. Experiences available to students include, but are not limited to:


Academic courses offered by the school
Early college/dual enrollment courses

Career and technical education programming

Online/virtual learning

Apprenticeships, internships, fieldwork Community service

Exchange programs Independent study

Alternative education/"At Risk” programming Adult

Education courses

Other Portland Public Schools approved measures of proficiency


  1. Meet the performance standards set forth in the Guiding Principles of the Learning Results, which state that a student should be:

A clear and effective communicator

A self-directed and life-long learner

A creative and analytical problem solver
A responsible and involved citizen
An integrative and informed thinker


The Superintendent/designee will develop and apply a set of graduation standards and performance indicators for Portland Public Schools that align with the Guiding Principles of Maine’s Learning Results Standards.


  1. Complete a capstone and/or milestone project demonstrating in-depth research, presentation

and technology integration skills. The superintendent/designee will develop a set of criteria through which the capstone and/or milestone project will support attainment of Portland Public Schools’ graduation standards.


  1. Complete an individualized post-secondary success plan that continues to build upon each student’s acquired knowledge and skills, and enables each student’s full participation in Portland’s civic, intellectual, cultural and economic life and in our global economy.


Students Receiving Special Education Services


Students who demonstrate proficiency in Portland Public Schools’ graduation standards, as specified in the goals and objectives of their Individualized Education Plans (IEP), will be awarded diplomas.



Legal Reference: 20-A M.R.S.A. § 4722-A and 6209

Ch. 125,127,131,132 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule)


Cross Reference:

IHBGA – Home-schooling – Participation in School Programs

IHCDA – Post Secondary Enrollment Options

IJJ – Individualized Instruction

IKC – Graduation Reporting System

IKF-R -- Graduation Guidelines

IKFA – Early Graduation

IMBB – Accommodations In Sincere Beliefs from Required Instruction

JEA – Compulsory School Attendance

JFB – Educational Options Policy


Adopted: 6/24/2014


Revised: June 16, 2015; February 28, 2017; May, 2019; June 15, 2021



20-A M.R.S.A. § 6209

20-A M.R.S.A. § 4722-A


Cross References

IIJ - Individualized Instruction

IKC - Graduation Reporting System

IKF-R - Graduation Guidelines

IMBB - Accommodations in Sincere Beliefs from Required Instruction

JEA - Compulsory School Attendance

IHBGA - Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs

IHCDA - Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

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IMBB - Accommodations in Sincere Beliefs from Required Instruction

JFB - Educational Options Policy

071c127.doc (103 KB)071c125 (1).doc (130 KB)071c131.doc (1,667 KB)071c132.doc (1,498 KB)IKF - Graduation Requirements.pdf (126 KB)


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