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JFABA - Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students

Book: J

Section: Students

Title: Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students


Status: Active

Adopted: August 23, 1983

Last Revised: August 26, 1992




It is the policy of the Portland School Committee to admit non-resident tuition students subject to the following conditions and requirements.


A.        Applications for admission of non-resident tuition students must be submitted to the Superintendent at last two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the school year for which admission is sought.


B.        Admission shall be contingent on advance payment of tuition at the maximum allowable rate under state law for each level or category of student involved. All tuition payments shall be non-refundable.


C.        Admission shall be for an annual basis only, and admission of a student for a school year will in no way require admission of that student for another school year.


D.        The criteria for admission under this policy are as follows:


1.         The admission of a non-resident student must not disadvantage any resident students.


2.         Sufficient course and classroom space must be available.


3.         The student must show promise of meeting the student educational and behavioral requirements of the Portland Public Schools, or in the case of an exceptional student, the student must show promise of meeting those requirements as modified to accommodate the student’s handicapping condition, provided such accommodations can be made without unduly burdening the Portland Public Schools.


E.         Student transportation under this policy is the responsibility of the family or the sending school unit.


F.         The Superintendent will review each application and his/her recommendation shall be final.




Title 20-A MRSA §§ 5801

Title 20-A MRSA §§ 5202

Title 20-A MRSA §§ 2701

JFABA - Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students.pdf (12 KB)


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