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JICH - Student Drug and Alcohol Use

Book: J

Section: Students

Title: Student Drug and Alcohol Use

Code: JICH

Status: Active

Adopted: November 28, 1984

Last Revised: May 14, 2013



In order to promote the highest possible standards of learning, as well as the physical, social and emotional well-being of students, this policy is designed to:  aid students in abstaining from the unlawful use of alcohol and drugs; provide for early intervention when use is detected; and, provide disciplinary action when necessary.  Compliance with this policy is mandatory.


Any school staff member who has reason to suspect that a student has violated this policy is expected to report the incident to an appropriate administrator immediately.


  1. Prevention


The Portland Public Schools will provide students with information and activities focused on abstaining from the use of alcohol and drugs.  Such information and activities will address the legal, social and health consequences of drug and alcohol use and will provide information about effective techniques for resisting peer pressure to use illicit drugs and alcohol.  The Portland Public Schools will work in partnership with students, parents and local law enforcement to eliminate these risks for all students.


  1. Intervention


The Portland Public Schools provides non-clinical chemical health assessments, assist students in addressing their harmful involvement with chemicals and in continuing their educational program.  Information will be provided, as appropriate, about drug or alcohol counseling and treatment, and programs that are available to students.


  1. Rules and Sanctions


Students are prohibited from consuming, possessing, furnishing, selling, receiving, buying, manufacturing or being under the influence of prohibited substances before, during and after school hours, at school, in any school building, on any school premises, in any school-owned vehicle or in any other school-approved vehicle used to transport students to and from school or school activities, off school property at any school-sponsored or school-approved activity, event or function (such as a field trip or athletic event) where students are under the jurisdiction of the school unit, or at any time or place if the conduct directly interferes with the operation, discipline or welfare of the schools.


The term “prohibited substance” shall include, but not be limited to:


  1. Alcohol;
  2. Scheduled drugs (as defined in 17-A MRS § 1101);
  3. Controlled substances (as defined in the federal Controlled Substance Act, 21 USC § 812);
  4. Prescription drugs not prescribed for the student and/or not in compliance with the Board’s policy on administering medications to students (see Board Policy JLCD);
  5. Any substance which can affect or change a student’s mental, physical or behavior pattern, including but not limited to volatile materials such as glue, paint or aerosols (when possessed for the purpose of inhalation) or steroids;
  6. Paraphernalia – implements used for distribution or consumption of a prohibited substance; or
  7. Any look-alike drug or substance that is described as or is purported to be a prohibited substance defined in this section.


Any violation of the terms of this policy shall constitute sufficient grounds for student discipline, including suspension or expulsion from school, at the appropriate discretion of the administration and the Board.  The School Resource Officer or other appropriate law enforcement authority shall also be notified of violations of this policy.  Students who participate in co-curricular athletics or activities are subject to additional rules and sanctions (see Board Policy JICI).


This policy shall be disseminated to students and parents/guardians through means selected by the administration.



20 USC 6081 (Pro-Children Act of 2001)

22 MRSA 1578-B

20-A MRSA 4008

20-A MRSA 1001(9)

42 USC 290dd-2; 42 CFR 2.1 et seq.

17-A MRSA 1101

20 USC 7101 et seq. (Safe Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act)

21 USC 812 (Controlled Substance Act)21 CRF Part 1300.11-15


Cross References

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JICI - Athletic and Co-Curricular Activities Code of Conduct for Middle and High School Students

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JICH - Student Drug and Alcohol Use.pdf (11 KB)


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