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KCB -Public Relations

Book: K

Section: School-Community Relations

Title: Public Engagement

Code: KCB

Status: Active

Adopted: March 2, 2005



The School Committee endorses the concept that community participation in the affairs of the schools is essential if the school system and the community are to maintain mutual confidence and respect and work together to improve the quality of education for students.  The School Committee is committed to public engagement and promotes the concept that communication is a two-way process between an educational organization and its internal and external public.


While striving to promote community involvement, it is recognized that it is the ultimate responsibility of the elected committee to provide lay governance of the schools as prescribed in law.  Further, the School Committee recognizes in its staff the professional expertise inherent in its training, experience, and commitment.  Thus, the School Committee and staff shall use their best judgment in arriving at decisions.  The School Committee and staff seek and utilize advice, information, and desires expressed by individuals and community groups interested in the schools, especially from those individuals and groups invited to advise regarding selected issues, but also from unsolicited comment as well.


The School Committee will strive for continual improvement in providing avenues for public information and input by:


            A.        Keeping themselves and the public informed regarding the policies, administrative operation, objectives, successes of, and challenges facing the school;


  1. Keeping the community informed through multiple channels of communication of policies, programs, challenges, and planning (e.g. through publications, websites, community forums, study groups);


C.        Providing the means for furnishing information and examination of practice, together with interpretation and explanation of the school plans and programs; and


D.        Seeking multiple ways to solicit the advice and counsel of the internal and external public of the Portland Public Schools community.



20-A MRSA § 1001 et seq.


Cross References


KCB - Public Engagement.pdf (13 KB)