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Comprehensive Strategic Plan: 2017-2022

All learners will be fully prepared to participate and succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world.

The Portland Public Schools are responsible for ensuring a challenging, relevant and joyful education that empowers every learner to make a difference in the world. We build relationships among families, educators, and the community to promote the healthy development and academic achievement of every learner.

Theory of Action
If PPS intentionally engages its community...and attracts, supports, and retains a strong and diverse team of PEOPLE...who hold all students to high expectations (EQUITY) in academics (ACHIEVEMENT) and social/emotional learning (WHOLE STUDENT)...then all PPS students will graduate prepared and empowered to pursue their personal goals.


All PPS students will be prepared for college and career and empowered to pursue a productive postsecondary path.


1. Ensure curriculum aligns to standards and tasks reflect learning expectations. (STANDARDS-ALIGNED CURRICULUM)
2. Develop a district-wide intervention strategy with a focus on extending learning time for students who need it. (SYSTEMWIDE INTERVENTION STRATEGY, EXTENDED LEARNING TIME)
3. Improve access to and use of student learning data to drive instruction. (DATA)

Goal 2: Equity

PPS is vigilant in supporting each and every student's particular path to achieving high standards, rooting out systemic or ongoing inequities.

Increase academic outcomes for all (see ACHIEVEMENT metrics) and reduce gaps between student subgroups
→ Disaggregate achievement and Whole Child metrics so that data by race, Free and reduced lunch (FRL), English Language Learners (ELL), special education can be monitored to reduce gaps and lift all students’ outcomes.

See tools for Achievement and Whole Student)

New baseline will be established

Improve proportional participation and success across programs.
→ Disaggregated data for participation in the following programs:

  • AP (Advanced Placement) classes
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Special Education
  • 8th grade Algebra

Student Information System

New baseline will be established


1. Strengthen family partnerships by improving communication and by building authentic opportunities for participation in students' learning process. (FAMILY PARTNERSHIP)
2. Review current policies and practices that create unintended barriers to access, and move to dismantle them. (REMOVE BARRIERS)
3. Build a transparent and collaborative equity audit system to identify and act on best practices and areas for growth. (EQUITY AUDIT)
4. Become a trauma-sensitive school district by providing professional development for all educators and by adopting embedded trauma-sensitive practices. (TRAUMA SENSITIVE SCHOOLS)
5. Build our awareness, understanding and skill in being culturally responsive so that all students feel understood, safe and empowered in school. (CULTURAL RESPONSIVENESS)
6. Ensure that Portland Adult Ed has the capacity to serve the needs of adults in our community striving to become stronger citizens, parents, professionals, employees and entrepreneurs. (ADULT EDUCATION)


All PPS students will develop the skills, habits and mindsets they need to engage in and contribute to our diverse city and ever-changing world.

Students feel safe and connected to a caring adult at the school.
→ Increase the percentage of students who feel safe, who believe there is an adult who cares about them, and who are confident they have the habits and skills to effectively manage relationships and self.

Student Survey (TBD)


Families are welcomed and engaged in their child’s school.
→ Increase the percentage of students’ families/guardians who feel welcomed in schools, who feel like partners in their child’s education, and who have a positive experience of district and school communications.

Parent/guardian Survey (TBD)



1. Adopt shared language/Social Emotional Learning (SEL) outcomes and ensure each school has a strategy for teaching and developing students in pursuit of those outcomes. (SEL OUTCOMES)
2. Ensure all students have access to music, the arts, languages, physical education and expanded learning opportunities by strengthening these programs and growing community partnerships. (EXPANDED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES)
3. Ensure each PPS student has a meaningful connection to a caring adult. (CARING ADULT CONNECTION)
4. Build a personalized success plan for each student that guides the student from when they enter school to graduation. (PERSONALIZED SUCCESS PLANS)

Goal 4: People

Portland Public Schools attracts, supports and retains talented and diverse people who use their strengths to achieve our shared goals.

Employee engagement as determined by items on the TNTP (The New Teacher Project) Insights and Employee surveys.
→ Increase the percentage of employee engagement.

TNTP, Insights and Employee Engagement surveys

New tool identified; new baseline will be established.

Increase the diversity of our staff so that our team better reflects the backgrounds of our student population.
→ Increase the percentage of staff who identify as people of color.

Human Resources Information System

6.7% of staff identify as people of color


1. Build and implement a comprehensive professional development strategy that prioritizes opportunities for growth aligned to district-wide strategies (standards-aligned curriculum, formative data-driven instruction, shared SEL outcomes, cultural responsiveness, trauma-informed practices). (PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT)
2. Strengthen people data systems and routines so that we can better support our employees. (DATA)
3. Build and implement a diversity recruitment strategy. (DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT)
4. Articulate core values and unique PPS identity to attract new talent and strengthen organizational culture. (CORE VALUES)
5. Build career pathways that motivate and retain our talented and diverse people. (CAREER PATHWAYS, RETENTION)