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Visual Arts

Portland Public Schools is fully committed to a visual arts education for every learner in preK-12th grade. With a focus on social emotional learning, visual literacy, and standard based learning through exploration of the artistic process, PPS students create art with access to a quality, comprehensive arts education. Through using their sense of wonder, investigation, exploration, and imagination, students make connections to the world with opportunities for individual expression through choice and voice. Certified art educators teach creative art units that make connections to other learning and to student’s lives. Student’s motor skills, conceptual understanding, language, and artistic skills will grow over time through inquiry, exploration, practice and discourse. Teachers are actively working to decolonize the art curriculum and art history curriculum taught in PPS to reflect the diverse cultures represented in our schools, as well as across the world, and across 40,000 years of art history.

At PPS, we nurture each student by encouraging curiosity, creativity, empathy, and personal wellbeing. We believe that the arts make communities better, and that artistic expression promotes the development of a well-rounded individual.

Visual Arts OFFERINGS:

We offer a wide range of visual arts-related opportunities, both academic and extracurricular, including:

  • Visual Arts: Choose your medium - or choose them all
    • Drawing - Learn the fundamentals of 2D art
    • Painting - Experiment with oils, acrylics and more
    • Photography - Become a master of composition and ‘getting the shot’
    • Ceramics - Get your hands dirty in the world of 3D arts
    • Art History & Theory - Learn about the importance of the arts thorough history. Contemplate what makes ‘good art’ and why.


  • Higher academic achievement
  • Cultural relationships
  • Respect for self, family, school and community
  • Strong school and parent partnerships
  • Leadership and self-confidence
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Expanded career opportunities
  • Skills for a global economy



Visual Arts Standards


Creativity flourishes at PPS, and is celebrated in its many forms.