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Parent Partnership Ad Hoc Committee

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COMMITTEE FORMATION:  The PPS Parent Partnership Ad Hoc Committee was established by the Portland Board of Public Education on August 16, 2016 to signal the PBPE’s and the District’s recognition of, commitment to, and belief in the importance of parent engagement.

ASSIGNED TASK:  The Ad Hoc Committee is asked to review and revise the current PPS Parent Involvement Policy (KBF), and provide a recommended Parent Partnership Policy to the PBPE’s Policy Committee, no later than November 30, 2016. (This was extended to December 16,2016 at the December 6, 2016 PBPE meeting).The PBPE directs the Ad Hoc Committee to consult the Portland Empowered Parent Manifesto as a guide, and prioritize integrating the Parent Manifesto elements into the revised policy. Upon submission of the recommended policy, the work of the Ad Hoc Committee shall be deemed complete.

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP:  The PBPE resolution directed the Superintendent to appoint up to (8) people to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee, including a representative employee of the District’s administration, a representative of PPS school–based staff, a member of Portland Empowered, a current parent of a Portland Public School student, and a member of the PBPE. The resolution also determined that the chair of the Ad Hoc Committee would be an employee of Portland Public Schools with access to school-­based staff as well as Central Office staff and that all meetings would be conducted in public in accordance with the policies of the Portland Public Schools.

Angela Atkinson Duina, Title I School Improvement Coordinator, Committee Chair

            Portland Public Schools; 353 Cumberland Avenue, Portland 04101


            207 842-4667

Boyd Marley, Assistant Principal, East End Community School

Gail Cressey, ESEA/ESSA Coordinator, Portland Public Schools

Jessica Hathaway, Parent (Hall)

Lisa Whited, Parent (Lyseth, Portland High); member of Portland Empowered

Maureen Clancy, ML/MC Language Access Coordinator, Portland Public Schools

Nolasque Isirabahenda, Parent (Casco Bay); member of Portland Empowered

Stephanie Hatzenbuehler, Portland Board of Public Education member; Parent (Longfellow)

Susan Wiggin, Clinical Social Worker; Transition Specialist at East End and Reiche Schools

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