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Super Principal Derek Pierce

October is National Principals Month and the Portland Public Schools is taking this opportunity to shine a spotlight on our principals, who are super. We celebrate and appreciate them not only this month but always! To showcase them, we have asked our principals to answer five questions about themselves and their leadership role. We also asked what superpower they'd like to have to aid in their jobs.

We're featuring each principal individually during this month. Read on to learn more about Super Principal Derek Pierce of Casco Bay High School:

Casco Bay High School

Derek Pierce

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I began my career teaching English, theater and American Studies in Los Angeles and then in Gorham, Maine. Next I was involved in a three-person team that helped found Poland Regional High School. I was initially dean of faculty and then principal. I would be still there if not for the amazing opportunity to help launch a new high school (CBHS) in Portland, my family's hometown since 1993.  

2) What inspired you to become a principal?

Thriving schools can cultivate awesome humans (teens and adults) who can edge us closer to a more perfect union. 

3) What do you feel most passionate/excited about in your job?

I love seeing students and teachers recognize and practice their particular greatness. 

4) What's the most challenging part of being a principal?

There is no "done."  There is always more a principal can and should do to support students' and staff's learning and growth, 

5) If you could choose to have a superpower to help you in your job, what would it be?

I would love to grant each of us the power to truly behold the glorious potential within each of our hearts and minds; I also would like the power to summon freshly baked chocolate chip cookies when I need a little pick up.