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Internet Safety

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OpenDNS Parental Controls



Common Sense Media

Reclaimprivacy.org (information on FaceBook privacy settings)

CyberSmart (Curriculum materials)

Cyberbullying Research Center 

Cyberbee Learning

1-to-1 Essentials Program  http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/1to1
1-to-1Essentials provides free, interactive, and customizable tools thatenable administrators to avoid the pitfalls schools can face during a1-to-1 implementation. The program includes turnkey resources thathighlight best practices of 1-to-1 educators and gives schools theresources they need to prepare, plan, and implement a new program,including resources for engaging families as well as students andteachers.

Digital Citizenship and Literacy Curriculum http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/curriculum
OurK-12 Curriculum, developed in partnership with Harvard University’sGraduate School of Education, and aligned to Common Core StateStandards. Teachers select 45-minute lessons on topics ranging fromcyberbullying and online privacy to digital footprints and creativecredit and copyright.

Digital PassportTM https://www.digitalpassport.org/educator-registration
DigitalPassport is a fun and effective suite of games which teaches skillsrelated to digital safety, respect, and community to a 3rd - 5th gradeaudience. Students earn badges toward a Digital Passport and teachersget robust reports to demonstrate student success. Currently availableon the web and coming soon to mobile devices and Edmodo, DigitalPassport supports CIPA compliance for E-rate discounts.

Launchingthis summer, Graphite is Common Sense Media’s newest free service foreducators. Created by teachers, for teachers,Graphite helps educatorsdiscover great digital learning content by providing unbiased andrigorous reviews of apps, games, and websites, rated for learningpotential. Also, teachers on this site can share personal reviews andfield notes about how best to use the products in your classroom.

Professional Development for Teachers  http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/professional-development
Ourprofessional development videos, webinars, and self-paced onlinetutorials support teachers by highlighting best practices and providingguidance for delivering effective digital citizenship lessons, includinghow to best align to the Common Core. Coming soon, we will provideresources for teachers on effective integration of apps, games andwebsites into the curriculum.

Educate Families Program http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/educate-families
Ourprogram provides schools with a comprehensive set of resources toinvite families into the conversation about digital literacy andcitizenship. The materials enable schools to organize a series of familynights and distribute tip sheets, videos, and other tools. Now morethan ever, families and schools must work together to empower kids forsafe, responsible, and ethical behavior online and with mobile devices.

Find additional resources at:www.commonsense.org/educators