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MLTI Information

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Parent guide: www.apple.com/education/docs/Apple_ID_Parent_Guide.pdf
Institution guide: www.apple.com/education/docs/Apple_ID_Institution_Guide.pdf

Superintendent recommendation Memo 6/11/2013

PPS Solution Summary and notes



Didn't the State award the contract to HP?

Yes, but the Governor is allowing districts to choose which of the finalists is most appropriate for thier environment

Isn't the HP the highest rated?

No, the HP solution was rated 4th out of 5, the iPad option was rated first. Scoring Results

Where can I find more information about each package?


Who was involved with the decision?

There were a number of meetings which included District leadership, teachers and building tech leaders. 

How is typing long assignments going to be addressed?

Students wishing to check out a physical keyboard will have the option to do so but evidence suggests they perform well just using the built-in virutual keyboard: Additional resources

How are students going to access the NWEA assessment system?

This past year, Portland Schools has migrated over to using the web-based version of the NWEA testing system. This summer they will be upgrading thier system to be accessible from the iPad

Will the recently adopted Glencoe HS Algebra curriculum be available on the iPad?

Yes, McGraw-Hill has published an iPad app for distributing the electronic textbooks and student materials.

Is there going to be Professional Development provided to teachers and have those costs been included?

On-site PD is included in both of the Apple solutions at no additional cost to the district. Addtionally, a number of area schools have already done large iPad deployments and are sharing resources with teachers.

Will students be able to print from the iPad?

Yes, the District print management system will be upgraded this summer to support iPad printing. Ideally, teachers and students will take advantage of the paper-less workflow opportunity built in to the Apple Primary and the district will see a reduction in print volume.

Why weren't Chromebooks considered as an option?

None of the approved vendors based their solution on the Chromebook. In the past, Chromebooks did not meet major parts of the operational requrements as set by the DOE. Primarilly, off-line access and reliablity were concerns.

Are the major hardware and operating system updates announced by Apple on 6/10 going to be part of MLTI?

Yes, though some of the operating system updates may be delayed until the second year due to the current release schedule for the Fall of 2013.

Will students/teachers have access to Google Docs on the iPads?

Yes, there is a free app called "Google Drive" that will connect directly to a users existing account. CTS will post documentation on it's setup later this summer.