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Payment Information

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Pre-Pay Accounts

Food Service is excited to announce that we now have an online payment system available at PayPams.com

Please click on the link below to view information and instructions:

PayPams Acholi
PayPams Arabic
PayPams English
PayPams Espanol
PayPams French
PayPams Khmer
PayPams Portugues
PayPams Somali
PayPams Vietnamese

Food Service will continue to accept cash and check payments at all of our schools.

All students and staff have a
 Pre-Pay Nutrition Account. Parents are expected to pay each Monday by 9 AM for the meals your child will eat during the week.

Deposits to the account
 should be made by check. 

Please Include the following in the memo area

Student name, 
Student ID 
Teacher's name

Checks should be made payable to:  FOOD SERVICES.

All cash deposits must be in envelopes with the same information. Change will not be given to students. Middle school and high school students may prepay in cash at the register during lunch.  

All returned checks are charged a fee of $15.00 from the students account.

As students take a meal, their name or STUDENT ID will be recorded and their account charged. Each purchase must be tracked by federal regulations. 

No child ever needs to reveal whether they are free/reduced/paid. This is confidential information.

Please click on the link below to view the Portland Public Schools Food Service Charge Procedure.

Charge Procedure Acholi
Charge Procedure Arabic
Charge Procedure English
Charge Procedure Espaniol
Charge Procedure French
Charge Procedure Khmer
Charge Procedure Portugues
Charge Procedure Somali
Charge Procedure Vietnamese

Students and parents can request a balance report from the school kitchen at any time. You can also request a statement showing all account activity if you have questions about the account.

Positive meal balance remaining at the end of the school year will roll over to the next year.  

Even if the student changes school buildings, the money balance will go with them.  

Contact your school's food service team leader for more information.    

Online Access

You can access your student balance through your student's 
Infinite Campus Portal. There is a tab for meals that should be updated daily.

Please contact your individual school for more information.

You can also access your student balance through PayPams.com at no cost.

Point of Sale System

All students are assigned a 4-5 digit student ID.  The student ID is confidential. 

At the cashier, they enter their student ID on a keypad, and pay either with money from their prepay account, cash, or both.  Students may have their names checked from a classroom roster instead of entering their student ID if needed. 

Students are offered three levels of items. They must take an entree and at least one other item to qualify for the lunch price. Otherwise, the meal is charged at higher a la carte prices and cannot be claimed as a free or reduced meal.