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King Student Health Center

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The King Student Health Center is a multi-service clinic that has been established as a partnership between Portland’s Health & Human Services Department - Public Health Division, Portland Public Schools,  Maine Medical Center, Community Counseling Center and Beth Stilphen, LCPC to provide more accessible physical, dental and mental health care to Portland’s children.  The goal is to keep students healthy and in school.  If your child already has a regular doctor, dentist or mental health provider, he/she can still utilize Student Health Center services.  When there is a regular provider involved with a child’s care, the work of the Student Health Center is to supplement and complement the services of these core providers and communicate with them on an on-going basis as appropriate.  There is no requirement to use all of the services offered at the health center.  Some children may use only one type of service or be seen just once while others may access all three types of services (physical, dental and mental health) and be seen several times.


Any King Middle School student with a completed and parent-signed enrollment form on file (see the right side of this page) may use the services of the Student Health Center throughout the current school year.  We will allow one initial visit to the Health Center with a verbal consent from the parent, but thereafter, a signed consent is required before a student can continue to access services.

In most cases, students are first seen by the school nurse or social worker and referred on to the Student Health Center services as appropriate with a pass that releases them from class.  Services are offered by appointment, but often same-day slots can be accommodated for students with acute care needs.  All students are entitled to unlimited use of the Health Center throughout the school year.
A few of the services offered at the Student Health Center are listed below.

  • Treatment of acute illness or minor injury (sore throats, brochitis, muscle strain, etc.)
  • Management of chronic health conditions (acne, asthma, allergies, etc.)    
  • Reproductive health services including risk assessment and counseling, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, birth control services for sexually active students, pregnancy testing
  • Physical exams and immunizations
  • Preventive dental services (screening, cleaning, fluoride, sealants, etc.; not restorative treatment)
  • Psychiatric evaluations and follow-up


The Student Health Center staff consists of a pediatrician, nurse practitioner, dental hygienist, oral health care manager and two clinic assistants.  Counseling services are available at the school by a licensed mental health professional.  Community Counseling Center offers psychiatric evaluations and follow-up provided by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.  The school nurse and social workers are not employees of the Student Health Center, but work closely with them as team members to coordinate student referrals into the clinic and assist with follow-up as needed. 

Parent Involvement

The Student Health Center invites parents to be an integral part of a student’s health care.  Parents are welcome to call or make an appointment to come in to the Student Health Center anytime during the school year with questions or concerns about their child’s health or accompany them to a Health Center visit as appropriate.  Staff will make every effort to inform parents about their child’s diagnosis and treatment when appropriate.  See section on confidentiality below for more information regarding staff-parent communication.

Cost for Physical Health Services

When able, we will be billing most private insurances as well as MaineCare/Medicaid.  Currently, there are no co-pay fees, but families may be billed for Student Health Center services not covered by their insurance. Additionally, the cost of services provided outside the Student Health Center, such as prescriptions, lab work or diagnostic tests, are the responsibility of the student’s family.   For those families who do not have health insurance for their child, the Student Health Center staff can assist with making an application for MaineCare coverage.  No student will be denied services due to lack of insurance coverage or inability to pay. 

Cost for Dental Health Services

When able, we will be billing MaineCare/Medicaid for dental services, but are currently unable to bill private insurance.  If students have private insurance or are uninsured, there currently is no fee.  In the future, we hope to be able to bill privately insured students if/when this opportunity arises. The cost of any dental treatment services provided outside the Student Health center such as x-rays, fillings, extractions and other restorative care, are the responsibility of the student’s family.  Once again, no student will be denied services due to lack of insurance coverage or inability to pay.

Cost for Mental Health Services

Whenever possible, MaineCare or private insurance will be billed for mental health counseling. There will be no co-pay for these services. Community Counseling Center will be billing for both privately insured students and those who have MaineCare/Medicaid coverage for psychiatric visits.  There may be co-pays associated with the delivery of these services.  A sliding fee scale may be used for students who lack health insurance coverage.  Once again, no student will be denied services due to lack of insurance coverage or inability to pay. 


By law, all medical, dental and mental health information kept in any student’s clinic health record is confidential and will remain locked at the Health Center site.   Health records will only be released from the Student Health Center with written consent from the parent, legal guardian or student as appropriate.  Whenever possible, students are encouraged to share their health concerns and treatment information with their parents.  However, please note that the law allows minors to seek services from health care providers for issues related to reproductive health, mental health or substance abuse without requiring parental notification. (22 M.R.S.A. can be found at http://janus.state.me.us/legis/statutes/22/title22ch0sec0.html ) In cases where abuse or neglect is suspected, the appropriate authorities will be notified as required by law.  In crisis situations, such as when a student is actively considering suicide, the parent will be notified and immediate crisis intervention will be sought.

Hours of Service

The Student Health Center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school week.  The hours of operation vary depending on the type of service being offered.  During weekends, school vacations and holidays, the Student Health Center will be closed. We encourage you to contact your child’s regular doctor or health care provider if a health need arises during those times.

For Further Information

Listed below are phone numbers to call for further information about the King Student Health Center and how to enroll.

  • Portland Public Health Division                                                   874-8919
  • King Student Health Center                                                          756-8499
  • Laura McNeill, school nurse                                                         874-8140
  • Theresa Puckett, school social worker                                       874-8140

Information about the Student Health Centers for Parents who speak English as a Second Language

Please call 874-8784 if you would like a translated copy of Student Health Center information sheet and enrollment form.  Information can be sent to you in one of the following languages: Acholi, Arabic, French, Khmer, Nuer, Somali, Spanish, Russian or Vietnamese English.  

Lok angea bot Lonyodo ma pe gi loko leb munu Pi lok ma lubu Centa pa lotino kwan

Myero inen ni igoyo cim inama 874-8784 ka imoto ni gi cwal boti ngec ikom Centa pa lotino kwan ma lubu lok kom two ki waraga me coyo kom I centa. Lo twero ningo in ki ngec ki I leb ma gi coyo kany: Acoli, leb Arab, leb French, leb Khmer, leb Nuer, Leb Somali, Leb Spanish, leb Russia ki Leb Vietnamese.

Ka warbixinta  Xafiisyada Caafimaadka Ardayda oo loogu Talagalay waalidiinta afkooda hooyo aanu Ingriisi ahayn

Fadlan wac 874-8784 haddii aad doonaysid foomka Xafiiska Caafimaadka Ardayda lagu qoro.  Warbixinta waxa laguugu soo diri karaa

Luqadahan soo socda: Ajooli, Carabi, Faransiis, Khmer, Nuweer,Soomaali, Isbaanish, Ruush, iyo Fiyaatnamiis

Информация о Центрах здоровья студентов, для родителей говорящих на Английском как на втором языке

Пожалуйста, звоните по 874-8784, если вы хотите ознакомиться с переведенной копией информационного листа и формой регистрации. Информация может быть послана Вам на одном из следующих языков: ачоли, арабском, французском, кхмер, нуэр, сомали, испанском, русском или вьетнамском языках     

Thông tin về Trung Tâm Y Tế Sinh Viên Học Sinh Dành cho các bậc phụ huynh là những người nói tiếng Anh như là ngôn ngữ thứ hai.

Xin vui lòng gọi số 874-8784 nếu quý vị muốn có một văn bản thông tin về Trung Tâm Y Tế Sinh Viên Học Sinh đã được dịch ra cùng với mẫu đơn xin đăng ký.  Thông tin này có thể được gửi đến quý vị bằng một trong các ngôn ngữ như sau đây: Tiếng Acholi, tiếng Ả Rập, tiếng Pháp, tiếng Miên, tiếng Nuer, tiếng Somali, tiếng Tây Ban Nha,tiếng Nga, và tiếng Việt

Information concernant les Centres de Santé de l' Etudiant pour les parents qui parlent l'Anglais comme une seconde langue.

Prière d'appeler 874-8784 si vous voulez avoir une copie traduite de l'information sur le Centre de Santé de l'Etudiant et un formulaire d'nscription. L'information peut vous être envoyée dans l'une des langues suivantes: Acholi, Arabic, French, Khmer, Nuer, Somali, Espagnole, Russe, and Vietnam.

Información acerca del Centro de Salud Estudiantil Para padres quienes hablan ingles como segunda lengua.

Por favor llame al 874-8784 si desea una copia traducida de la hoja de información del  Centro de Salud Estudiantil y del formato de registración. La información puede ser enviada a usted en alguna de las siguientes lenguas: Acholi, Árabe, Francés, Khmer, Somalí, Español, Ruso y Vietnamita.