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Employee Access Center

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Welcome to Employee Access Center (EAC)!

Beginning with the Jan 4, 2019 pay, the new site to view your pay stubs is:

This link is for any information prior to January 1st, 2019 including 2018 W2's:


What’s my user name?
Your user name is your unique employee ID number assigned to you by Portland Public Schools and can be found on your ID badge (the first 6 digits.)


What’s my password? Your initial password is your last four (4)-digits of your social security number. It is recommended after your first login, that you change your password.


How do I change my password after my initial login? On the upper, right corner of the login page, under your name, click on ‘UPDATE ACCOUNT.’ From there, you will be prompted for your current (old) password and than a new password to be keyed twice. Don’t forget to choose ‘change password’ after making your updates or it won’t save!


Ok, now that I’m in EAC, what can it do for me? EAC is a look into your Human Resources/Payroll profile. You have several links (located on the left after the login page) to choose from, including:

  • Demographic Information
  • Additional Information
  • Payroll Checks
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Leave Information
  • Print W2’s
  • Tax Information
  • Deductions and Benefits

EAC allows you at-your-fingertips information to view, verify and/or print as needed!

For example:

  • Getting a mortgage and need the last 3 copies of your checks? Go to ‘Payroll Checks’ and you can view and print each of your last 3 checks/direct deposit advices to give to your mortgage company.
  • Tax time and you’ve lost your Form W-2? Go to ‘Print W2’s’ and you’ll find all your prior year W-2’s with Portland Public Schools.
  • Wonder when your Maine Department of Education issued certification and /or fingerprints expire and require renewal? Check under ‘Additional Information.’
  • Can’t remember who you listed as your emergency contact? Check under ‘Demographic Information.’
  • Need to plan vacation time and want to see what you’ve used/what you’ve got left? Look under ‘Leave Information.’
  • Need to change your Form W-4? Go to ‘Tax Information’ to see what you are currently claiming & to follow a link to print out a W-4 to make changes.


This is a service open to all regular employees. Eventually, it will be opened up to allow for you to make changes to your own information. For the time being, it is view only. Please direct data inquiries to Human Resources at [email protected] or log a ticket through http://helpdesk.portlandschools.org for computer or data problems.