Why you should take advantage of the free school meals being offered: 

* It extends your food budget and saves you time on meal prepping
* It's comforting and familiar to your kids to have meals at school 
 * It's confidential and not just for low income families
* You're helping the local food service program stay financially afloat

The USDA is covering the cost of meals for this school year (2020-2021).
You are not taking the meals away from someone who needs it,
they are for all students!

Fuel up on PPS Meals!

This Month's Menus


The PPS Food Service department has signed up for the
Maine Harvest of the Month program! Each month Food
Service will locally purchase a different Maine product to
feature in school meals.
This months harvest item is: Maine Potatoes.
Check out your school meals menu to find out when the
featured Harvest of the Month item will be served at your

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Thank you for your participation in the school lunch program.

Elementary School
Breakfast Menu

Snack Menu

Lunch Menu

Middle School
Breakfast Menu

Snack Menu

Lunch Menu

Deering & Portland High School
Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Casco Bay High School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Fresh Fruit & Veggie - No Fresh Fruit & Veggie Program for the first half of October 2020

Supporting Documents
USDA Guidelines.pdf

Upcoming Menus