Student Technology Information 2017-2018

Email Accounts

A Student email address is in the format of:

IT has created student email accounts for all 6-12th grade students, so all students will have internal email access.   You as a student have the ability to send email to anyone within the Portland Schools Domain( You will not be able to receive email from outside of Portland Schools. This email account is for student / teacher communication.

The email system is continually monitored by the building administration.


If you are new to using Google and your chromebook, we have put up a great site with lots of helpful information at Chromebook Self Help Portal

You can add apps for your Chromebook through the Portland Schools Chrome Web Store. You are restricted to the apps listed in this store. You can see other apps in the regular web store, but will not be able to download them.


As a student you can print to the following printers:


LIBCPR (Located in the Library)

CPYRMCPR (Located in the copy room on the Ground Level)

LIBLSR-CP (Located in the Library)


LIBCPR (Located in the Library)

LIBLSR (Located in the Library)

LIBLSR-CP (Located in the Library)


LIBLSR-CP (Located in the Library)

We will continue to add printers and will send you updates regarding this.