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Portland Public Schools' Orchestra Students Excel

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Portland Public Schools' Orchestra Students Excel
Posted on 11/04/2014

A record 40 students from the Portland Public Schools’ Orchestra Program have been accepted in the District 2 Honors High School and Honors Middle School orchestras, according to Julianne Eberl, the district’s secondary-level orchestra teacher.

“This is the largest number of my students to be accepted,” said Eberl, who has been with the district 14 years. She said a record 47 students auditioned for the orchestras.

“I am very proud of the hard work our students did in preparation,” Eberl said. “Out of 138 string students who auditioned from 16 school districts, 40 of our students were accepted into the two ensembles.”

The High School Honors Orchestra for 2015 is comprised of 53 students. Eberl said 15 PPS orchestra students were accepted, so they now make up close to 30 percent of that ensemble.

Eberl added the PPS Orchestra Program is “very honored that three of the five principal chairs are our Deering High School orchestra students.”

She said 25 PPS middle school students were accepted into the District 2 Honors Middle School Orchestra for 2015. That orchestra has 54 members from 16 school districts, and now PPS students make up nearly 50 percent of that orchestra. One of the PPS students was selected as principal viola, Eberl said.

"That such a large number of the students selected are Portland Public Schools' students is absolutely phenomenal," said Portland Public Schools Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk. "It speaks not only to the students' abilities and hard work but also to the high caliber of the PPS orchestra program. Congratulations to all involved!”

The following students were accepted into the District 2 High School Honors Orchestra for 2015: Deering High School: Maddy Abbott; Maya Farr-Weinfeld; Owen Ganter, principal cello; Julia Lancia; Priscilla Maccario, principal, second violin section; Katie McCabe; Annah Rossvall; Epi Tauwala, co-principal viola; Lucy Tumavicus; Will Weeks; and Nicole Whipkey. Portland High School: Peter Gribizis; Adrian Postolache; Moses Small; Iris Walter.

The following students were accepted into the District 2 Honors Middle School Orchestra for 2015: King Middle School: Elsa DiGiovanna; Abby Dunnigan; Ella Ferguson; Eve Fischer; Maggie Griffin; Raizel McNally; Halim Moldaver; Susanna Sylvain; Amanda Theall; Rosemary Train. Lincoln Middle School: Tabarak Al-Masawi; Johanna Canter; Hope Carroll; Ryan Cunningham; Annie Dodson; Rebecca Frank; Francesca Houran; Isabella More, principal viola; Glynis O'Meara; Ava Spach; Grace Tumavicus. Lyman Moore Middle School: Haley Foreman; Isabel Hungerford; Lauren Paradise; Cecilia Ritter

The Portland Public Schools’ High School Orchestra – made up of students from Deering, Portland and Casco Bay high schools – will play at the School Board Inauguration, set for Dec. 1 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Portland City Hall.