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‘Heart of Deering High School’ Honored by School Board

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‘Heart of Deering High School’ Honored by School Board
Posted on 10/07/2015
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Gloria Miller, an administrative assistant at Deering High School, was honored this week by the Portland Board of Public Education and Interim Superintendent Jeanne Crocker for being “the heart” of the high school.

“For 20 years now, if you found yourself within the walls of Deering High School, on the athletic facilities or simply within a 5-mile radius, you can feel the heart of Deering High School. Her name is Gloria Miller,” Crocker said at the school board’s Oct. 6 meeting. “While she is a proud Bulldog graduate, she is an even prouder Deering Ram. She has dedicated her life to RamNation, supporting not only her five children through becoming Deering alumni but tens of thousands of other students as well. There is no Deering graduate who does not know Mrs. Miller.”

Crocker said that Miller “wears so many hats for Deering, we have lost count over the years. While Gloria’s official position is athletic/attendance/activity accounts administrative assistant, her work ethic knows no bounds.”

Miller plays a direct role in organizing and managing over 42 co-curricular activities at Deering. In addition, she has been the lead advisor of both the Yearbook and Project Graduation.

She also is key to the success of Deering Athletics.

“While many have come through the doors of Deering to fill the role of athletic director, there has been one constant over the years, Mrs. Miller,” Crocker said. “Gloria is the heart of Deering Athletics and bleeds purple. While she may not hold the official title of athletic director, make no mistake who is the backbone of the daily work that gets done to make sure we are providing the best programs we can to extend our classrooms onto the competition field.” Miller often volunteers her time beyond her regular work hours to get the job done.

Crocker said that the most recent example of Miller’s devotion to Deering was evident during the past few months when Deering's co-curricular athletic administrator, Mel Craig, needed to take sick leave to care for her mother out of state.

“Without a moment's hesitation, Gloria did what she always does – saw the need and stepped in to help,” Crocker said. “You have to understand that ‘stepping in to help’ meant she came in and filled the role and responsibilities as if Mel were doing them herself. There was no extra compensation for her extra work and dedication, no extra kudos – just Mrs. Miller doing what she does best: taking care of those around her.”

Crocker also cited a recent example of Miller’s dedication to Deering students, as related to her by Deering Principal Ira Waltz:

“A student was due at college in New Hampshire on a Thursday this past August. When she happened to randomly speak with him on the Tuesday, he shared that he had not been able to secure a ride down there to move into the dorm. You need to know Mrs. Miller NEVER takes sick days. So when she informs us on a Tuesday that she was taking a sick day Thursday, it raised concern and alarm. Not only did she use her own vehicle and gas to bring him down to college, she helped him unpack, made his bed up for him and when he realized he forgot a pillow – off she headed to go purchase one for him. She won't admit it, but we suspect she also may have slid him a twenty as she hugged him goodbye.”

Crocker concluded: “Mrs. Miller is not only the mother to five children, she is the mother to ALL of RamNation and we are blessed to have her.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured from left to right are Interim Portland School Superintendent Jeanne Crocker; Deering High School administrative assistant Gloria Miller; and Portland Board of Public Education Chair Sarah Thompson.