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Presumpscot Summer Learners Explore How Things Move

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Presumpscot Summer Learners Explore How Things Move
Posted on 08/19/2016
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Presumpscot Elementary School students had fun and enhanced their learning this summer by studying how things move. Among their projects was making skateboards to learn about wheels and axles.

From July 11 through Aug. 12, rising first- and second-grade students were immersed in a five-week expedition focusing on exploring how objects move. The expedition, led by teachers Emily Herlihy, Rebecca Maiorano and Katie Philbrook, wove literacy, science and mathematics together and provided students with a wide range of experiences to maximize summer learning.

Students kicked off their learning by exploring simple machines such as wheels and axles and inclined planes. They deepened their knowledge of wheels and axles by learning how to build their own skateboards, with help from Home Depot employees, Tammy, D’Angelo and Tam.

Throughout the program, students were challenged to plan, test, explain and refine their ideas.  The culminating project for this expedition required students to use their critical thinking, collaboration, and perseverance skills to create a marble run that changed direction and included both steep and gentle slopes.

Here are some quotes from the Presumpscot summer learners:

"The first time it didn't work, then we fixed it and it didn't work, and then we fixed it again and it worked!” – Juliana

"When you have a gentle slope the marble goes slower, but when you have a steep slope your marble goes faster and farther."  – Laylani

"Friction slows things down and stops them." – Abdullah

"My team collaborated to make the marble run change directions. It didn't work the first time but we tried new ideas and now it works." – Ilke

"I have another idea.  We can make this even better!" – Anikindi

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