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Students Speak Up

All students have the right to attend school free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct.

Portland Public Schools (PPS) strives to create a school district where all students and staff feel safe and welcome. This page is designed to provide students, families, and staff with information and resources for addressing harassment and discrimination in order to uphold our responsibility to foster a safe, equitable educational environment. 

We acknowledge that historical and societal biases shape our school policies, culture, and interpersonal interactions. PPS affirms our intention to create a climate of respect, inclusion, and equity for all.

The Students Speak Up page and reporting form are part of our commitment to increased prevention programming, education, and swifter intervention when problems are reported. We commit to repairing the harm caused to individuals and to school communities when there are incidents or patterns of bias, discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment.

Student Equity Officer and Title IX Coordinator

Provides safe, confidential, online and in-person reporting services to any student who has witnessed or experienced an incident of discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment of any kind involving students and/or employees of the Portland Public Schools. 


Get Support

If you or someone you know has experienced behaviors or situations that make school feel unsafe or that disrupt your ability to be fully engaged in school programs and activities, we want to make sure you receive the support you need.

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Make a Report

Reporting concerns of discrimination and harassment will prompt a response following district policy. You might wonder: What happens with my report? Can I report anonymously? What are possible outcomes? Do I have to report to the school, or are there non-school reporting options?

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Community Resources

Sometimes it can feel safer or easier to talk to someone outside the school system. There are many community-based organizations where you can access support, including anonymous reporting, mental health and medical care, advocacy, and support groups.

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Make a Report 

We want you to be safe at school. If you need help, you can make a report to let us know what is happening. Check out answers to common questions below to help you decide if you want to make a report and whether or not to give your name.

We encourage all students, staff, and community members who witness or experience harassment or discrimination to report concerns to an adult. If you want to seek confidential support first, you can find options in the Community Resources section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy & Procedures 

All students have the right to attend school free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct, based on membership in a protected category. The following policy and procedures address harassment and discrimination of students based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ancestry or national origin, language, genetic information, pregnancy/family status, or disability (mental or physical) (hereinafter referred to collectively as “protected categories”):